Investing in Bioenergy

Green energy investments provide opportunity for steady risk-adjusted returns.  More investors are becoming interested in the space, and many are looking closely at bioenergy and renewable natural gas (RNG).  Opportunities exist for investors to provide project finance in the form of debt, equity, and hybrid securities depending on their risk tolerance.  Our proven track record of success across more than 20 years and over 200 projects is a testament to our strong operating acumen and ability to drive successful execution.

Banks, renewable funds, infrastructure funds and pension funds are seeking attractive but stable investments and bioenergy presents opportunity to realize growth, income and to diversify their investment portfolios.

Bioenergy is used in both commercial and residential developments and we expect that the number of new mixed-use developments and retro-fit projects will increase as additional production comes online, and the many benefits of RNG are realized. Our technology can significantly reduce reliance on the grid and, in the right situations, provide full, sustainable power production.

Over time, renewable power plants will continue to replace the more traditional fossil fuel power plants, while at the same time reducing our reliance on traditional landfills and the need for incineration. Both aspects of our business bring much needed environmental and economic benefits. We firmly believe that a good business investment can, and should be a good investment for the environment.

With the right project structure, the right developer and the right operator, bioenergy projects are an attractive investment opportunity for both debt and equity investors.  Bioenergy Devco brings the full package of design, development and support to every project we undertake.

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